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Honey or honeys?

When bees suck the nectar from different flowers they produce the so called multi-flower honey. When the hives are placed in areas with a dominant flowering, for example near a sunflowers plantation, a single-flower honey is originated. The wide botanical variety of the Italian territory allows the production of a large number of single-flower honeys: acacia, citrus, chestnut, cherry, eucalyptus, sunflower, honeydew, rosemary, thyme, on, lime, rhododendron, just to name a few of the more than fifty honeys identified at national level by the Italian association “Le Città del Miele” (The Cities of Honey). To appreciate the various flavour nuances there have long been authoritative tasting courses and a Honey Testers List established by the Ministry for Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies. The nomadic beekeeping is practised by Adi Apicoltura just to seek out so many blooms and produce many varieties. The customer has plenty to choose from!
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